Mouse Guard Foundation

works closely with Apple founder Steve Wozniak's

to provide equipment, education, and grants to

people in need. Learn more about our work.

Tech For All

We want to build a world where everyone has equal access to technology. We provide access to high quality equipment and education to the developing world.


60% of Africa is without electricity. 90% of Africa is without access to internet. Our job is to change that.


A teacher can now prepare each lesson using a laptop and can use a projector to support lessons. This technology enables the use of visual aids while teaching students, an essential learning tool.

E-Learning Classrooms

An eClass includes 20 PCs, a teacher laptop, projectors, speakers, and printers. Teachers are given advanced educational software training and are taught how to troubleshoot common student issues. 

Made in America

Every sale helps to create fair-wage jobs

in the United States.